Leo Almeida

Skateboarder / Designer / Entrepreneur

Photo by Undi © Copyright 2016

I love to make stuff

 I love creating things. I founded a design studio in downtown São Paulo (2006-9), a startup in the printing industry (2010) and designed an app to help people (like myself) to remember where they parked (2014). In 2017 wrote Growth By Design, a book to help entrepreneurs make the best use of their design budget.

I’m a seasoned tech professional (15+ years), with experiences from C-level positions on startups to top AsiaPacific and LatAm players.


Book Growth by Design

There’s a lot that goes through the mind of an entrepreneur when it comes to hiring design services. I wrote the book Growth by Design to address common struggles, like communicating with your designer, or finding talent from the many, many options out there, such as Fiverr or 99designs, so entrepreneurs can make the most of their budget.


ParkingZen App

I had a recurrent problem: when I parked my bike and was in a hurry I... forgot where I parked (my friends always laugh at this part lol). Living in Sydney the problem was made worse, as I had to remember also for how long I'm allowed to park - otherwise the city rangers would do that for me ($$). To solve mine and humanity's problem I designed Parking Zen, this sexy thing in form of an app.


Around the world

Wanderlust. Skateboarding. Anything in between. I write (once in a blue moon) about my travels, design and other things that matters to me on my blog.


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